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Spares suitable for* Sulzer diesel engines

As well as servicing and repairs, Lincoln Diesels can supply the following components suitable for* Sulzer diesel engines:

  • cylinder head reconditioning
  • cylinder head inlet and exhaust valves and rotators
  • inlet and exhaust valve seats
  • valve springs
  • valve guides

  • valve collets
  • fuel injection nozzles
  • fuel injection pump elements (plungers and barrels)
  • cylinder head gasket kits
  • cylinder liners (with or without anti-polishing ring)
  • pistons
  • piston rings
  • piston plain bearings
  • conrod bearings
  • main bearings

If you manage one or more Sulzer diesel engines you’ve come to the right place. We offer service, technical support and high quality components suitable for these medium-speed diesel engines including the Z40/48, ZA40S, AL25, ASL25, ATL25, and S20 engines.

Sulzer used to be one of the best known brand names with leading designs for two-stroke and four stroke engines. In the days before the fuel hikes of the 1970s the Sulzer RD and RND engines were known as the workhorses of many fleets, and were especially valued by Greek engineers for their simplicity and robust design. Unfortunately the loop scavenge design of these engines made it impossible to improve fuel consumption to the levels now demanded. A uniflow scavenge system was introduced and the RT range born.

Amongst their four-stroke medium speed models the Sulzer ZA40-S proved to be a ground-breaking design with its rotating piston. Design developments on the cylinder head including fitting the MWH Turnomat® enabled operators to achieve 24,000 hours between cylinder head overhauls, offering major savings to several ferry companies. Just before Sulzer was purchased by Wartsila¤ they developed a new model called the ZA50-S which built on the successes of the smaller model. Unfortunately only a few engines of this type were ever built and it is difficult to know how successful this design would have been.The advantage of the rotating piston is that it ensures consistent wear on the liner even with a V configuration. However, the clearance between the piston and the liner is smaller than on a normal design. Consequently care must be taken to ensure that the piston rotates at all times otherwise there is a risk of seizure.


*If you are operating your engine under the parameter system, please let us know so that we can discuss your requirement.

For further information or quotations on our range of Sulzer diesel engine spares, please contact us by phone on +44 (0) 1522 511 512. Alternatively, send an enquiry to [email protected].

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